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Learn The History Of Jeep Vehicles In BC, Canada

Since 1943 Jeep has served as the premier adventure brand in Canada - connecting drivers to dynamic performance and peerless engineering. Its origins are steeped in military exploits, with its first 4x4 platform (the Willys G503) enabling North American soldiers to scale backroads and battlefields with equal ease during World War II; and it has since evolved into a class-leading beast, dominating the compact, pick-up, and sport utility markets.
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Jeep Cherokee In BC, Canada

In 1974 Jeep introduced its now-iconic Cherokee. The original SJ model served as a full-size alternative to the less rugged station wagons of the day - delivering inline-six power, 4x4 performance, and four-speed manual control. Since then the platform has transformed into a family-friendly option that can transition from the highway to the trails. Embrace both fun and function.
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Jeep Wrangler In BC, Canada

Debuting in 1986, the Jeep Wrangler cemented itself early as a powerhouse performer - boasting a rugged 2.5L AMC engine, a responsive leaf-spring suspension, and anti-roll bars to assure deft handling on the trails. This ride was intended to impress and each generation has since continued a tradition of off-road domination, blending exceptional power with innovative all-season design. 
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Jeep Grand Cherokee In BC, Canada
Revving its way into BC in 1992, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has redefined the utility market - offering drivers both unprecedented luxury and smooth all-terrain performance. Its original Laredo and Limited trims thrilled with leather upgrades, cruise control, and power windows (amenities that weren't always guaranteed at the time); and, since then, it has continued to delight.
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Jeep News In BC, Canada

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